Cresco Italia


Ti all started in 1973, when Augusto Comellini founded a trade business to supply the Italian market, with German and north European base products for pastry.

A new and exciting adventure that would bring amazing results.

In 1983, Diego Comellini’s son had long nourished the dream of produce in Italy excellent and innovative products for pastry with his associate Gabriele Crescini; therefor he turned the trade business into a food industry, including the first production plants for fat cream and powder mix. He moved into the current and bigger operational headquarter in Brescia.

The business become CRESCO Spa, acronym of the two surnames.

The new business grew really fast,  thanks to a greater and professional sales network on the whole Italian territory and a bigger productional sector with new completed plants selection. Cresco become the italian leader in pastry sector. It has been bought a new establishment for all the logistic offices.

In 1999 the company diversified the own stock to increase profits, insering itself in